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About us

A while back we had to travel from the United Kingdom to the United States if we wanted to enjoy their cuisine. We know because we did it several times. Well, this is the thing of the past. Today, we present you a restaurant that looks, smells and shines like those in the United States. This is one of the first American cuisine restaurants in the whole UK and the one that deserves the ultimate attention.

Our chefs come from the United States and they have been educated in order to meet the latest regulations and the latest requirements you may need. The goal was to provide meals that are 100% identical to the ones served on the other continent. We are proud to see that the result is 101%. Believe or not, in some cases, the meals are even better, despite the fact it sounds impossible. Do you want to know our secret?

Our secret comes in several facts. The first one isthe ingredients. We only use day-for-day ingredients of the highest quality. It was a complicated task. We had to test over 44 suppliers in order to find 3 that meet the requirements. What this means is that each ingredient is handpicked, properly grown and tested and delivered. Our result won’t be possible if we use ingredients that don’t meet these requirements. The second part of the secret is preparation. We invest a huge amount of time into preparing each meal. Even when it is lunchtime, our chefs must follow the strict protocol and make meals that are the most delicious, period.

The last but not least part of the secret is the constant improvement. We live in a world where new things are invented every single time. This refers to cuisine as well and it has a huge impact on the foods available in restaurants. Well, our restaurant is capable of providing those, new implementations. Don’t forget that we will always have traditional meals that are delicious as well.

Our restaurant is linked to similar establishments in the United States. We will follow their trends regarding the meals and beverages and update our menu as soon as possible. The next time you visit Manchester or you come to our restaurant, we will have a complete list of foods and beverages like any high-end restaurant in the United States. You won’t be able to tell a difference.

The last thing we want to reveal is the highest level of hygiene we maintain. Everything and everyone must be perfect without exceptions. We want the best and we offer the best, to all our guests. Come and see why we are the best (most delicious) in what we provide.