When you board a horse with us, you will have full access to the arena and surrounding areas. Trail riding is also an option as there are several roads that are less traveled and safe enough for you and your horse.

We also live on site for any emergencies or concerns that should arise with your horse.

Daily turnout is provided. Horses usually stay outside with a lean-to unless weather conditions warrant them being in their stalls. They are much happier roaming with the other horses and getting exercise.


Each stall is 10×10 with stall mats and ample bedding. Electric outlets for each stall so you can provide your horse with heated water bucket in the winter. Salt/mineral racks provided in each stall. Feel free to bring toys in to put up in your stall. Your horses will think they are staying at a motel!

Full Board – $275
Daily Outside Board – $15/day
Daily Inside Board – $20/day